Who We Are?

Kalam Dreamz Foundation is a Non-profitable organisation that works for the welfare and betterment of society. We believe in building this world a home for everyone.

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Our Mission

Kalam Dreamz Foundation spotlights on different aspects of creating social awareness among the masses so that they can be with us in creating a world better place to live. For creating an enduring impact, we are running the following programmes:

Road safety

We aim everyone to reach home safely to their homes in this programme. The most abandoned thing in India is the road safety awareness as we are on the top of the chart in Road Accidents. In 2001, there are about 28,900 road accidents occurred in which almost 8,248 casualties happened, says one article in The Hindu. There are not many NGO for road safety but we are emerging out as road safety NGO of Lucknow.

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Blood donation

Can you just think the best gift ever given? Different people Answer differently but let me tell you it’s Life. In every two second someone requires blood in this world. We only get blood from donation as it cannot be manufactured artificially. Here we are emerging as blood donation NGO in Lucknow. We are establishing blood donation centres or camps and looking for blood donors in Lucknow.

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Do charity for them, whose door is nearer to you,

Even if it is the charity of your time

Be a Volunteer! Give your helping hand to the one who needs

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