Who We Are?

Kalam Dreamz Foundation is a Non-profitable organisation that works for the welfare and betterment of society. We believe in building this world a home for everyone. In just a short span of time we have made an immense improvement in creating consciousness among the masses against social evil.

We believe in a philosophy that if nature is not discriminating amongst us and providing its resources to everyone selflessly; then who are we to discriminate when it comes to education and safety. Humans are known for self-interest. They require good education and safe society for themselves and their children, and they usually neglect the equivalent needs when comes to fellow humans. We are against such type of accepted wisdom as we understand the meaning of life.

We are successfully running our campaign for creating awareness in different aspects of life including Road safety, Blood donation, Child education and women safety. We are not alone in this initiative as we have enthusiastic volunteers as they work selflessly to make our campaign a huge success.

We have recognized the major crisis is lack of education in the society. It is good to start untimely and educate the youth and under privileged children of our society. Kalam Dreamz Foundation is making every possible effort to bring under privileged children to come to school and ensuring that they attain advanced form of education to compete in this competitive world.

Securing our women is also a major task in present scenario, But not with us. Our campaign has been focusing on this issue and has been appreciated by many. We have firm believe that our women can change the world if they are supported. They are facing prevention from enjoying their rights. We are educating them and making them aware of the opportunities where they can develop.

We heartily welcome anybody from any background to join us in this initiative of ours. Come and be a part to make this world a better place to live.

Our Mission

Kalam Dreamz Foundation spotlights on different aspects of creating social awareness among the masses so that they can be with us in creating a world better place to live. For creating an enduring impact, we are running the following programmes:

Road safety

We aim everyone to reach home safely to their homes in this programme. The most abandoned thing in India is the road safety awareness as we are on the top of the chart in Road Accidents. In 2001, there are about 28,900 road accidents occurred in which almost 8,248 casualties happened, says one article in The Hindu. There are not many NGO for road safety but we are emerging out as road safety NGO of Lucknow.

Therefore, road safety camps are taking a step to aware people regarding road safety. Here they are:

  • Wear your Seat belts while driving a car.
  • Wear helmet while driving two wheelers.
  • Don’t Over Speed.
  • Don’t Over Take from wrong side.
  • Avoid Cell Phones while driving.

Blood donation

Can you just think the best gift ever given? Different people Answer differently but let me tell you it’s Life. In every two second someone requires blood in this world. We only get blood from donation as it cannot be manufactured artificially. Here we are emerging as blood donation NGO in Lucknow. We are establishing blood donation centres or camps and looking for blood donors in Lucknow.

Therefore, We Kalam Dreamz foundation is encouraging people to donate blood for a noble cause. We are here for creating blood donation awareness in Lucknow. Some myth busters about blood donation are:

  • Every blood donor is ensured by physical check up before donation.
  • A blood donor can give blood as well as it components such as red blood cells, Plasma or platelets.
  • A healthy donor can give Red Blood cells (RBC) in every 56th day and Platelets on every 7th day but only 24 times a year.

Child Education

In this programme we aim to educate each and every child irrespective of caste, creed, and religion as children are the gift of god. Every child in this world is blessed with an extra ordinary potential that needs to be figured out only if provided a right guidance of education in child education centre. To overcome the financial problems of people and making their children to be trained under skilled teachers is the goal of this programme. We are spreading child education awareness in the city of Lucknow.

Realising the importance of education for child, the Kalam Dreamz foundation - child education NGO in Lucknow is committed to the following:

  • We edify parents to be aware of importance of sending children to school.
  • We unearth children from different areas and ensure their enrolment in schools according their abilities.
  • We make study fun for children so they want to attend school every day.
  • We take care of not only education but also the nutrition and health of attendees.

Women Safety

The most dangerous threat our country is facing is regarding safety of women. In our scriptures our elders has described women as goddess but it has remained only in books. We aimed to bring the same ideology of women in this society through our efforts. We also known to be NGO working for women's rights.

The Kalam Dreamz foundation- also working as women's safety organization in India emphasising and encouraging on security of women by this programme we aim to extend women safety awareness with the following:

  • Making women aware about their fundamental rights.
  • Helping women against the domestic violence.
  • Campaigning against dowry which ultimately a threat to women.
  • Empowering women to bring them in the main stream of life.